duttile poster mini

Duttile defines a rich process to create solutions bound to the Internet of Things world, with an emphasis on end-to-end solutions and their Value. In particular, the creation of a specific solution comes through three different well-defined steps:

  • Prototype Phase: it’s the first phase of the process. There’s the Vision definition, Fast Prototypization and Product Backlog definition using a specific planning phase;
  • Engineering Phase: in this step, the solution is engineerized and developed. It’s, as one could deduct, of the most important and complex phase of the whole process;
  • Workout Phaseit’s the last phase, focalized onto the Deployment, support and the continuous improvement of the product.

The intrinsic complexity assigns an important role to the Solution Definition of Done (sDoD): it is the way to explicitly define WHEN the various Ceremonies and Artifacts of Duttile can be marked as “completed”.

duttile goal mind map