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fast prototypingAn IoT solution belongs to different technological domains, each of which, with their own rules and specifications. Thus, the project (or projects) should be, regularly, checked against different aspects: the Hardware – with strong and predictable processes – the Software, where the complexity and the change is always present, the Cloud and Big Data with its own rules and risks.

Today, typically, hybrid software and hardware solutions are developed in a parallel way with determined synchronization meetings useful to start the integration process and, subsequently, to the test process.

This is a typical Big Bang Integration approach, with different critical issues:

  • Development efficiency is heavily penalized as different Teams don’t constantly communicate with each other, without sharing their knowledge
  • Issues are discovered in the late solution development phase, with high fixing problems, mostly due to the hardware fixing.
  • As of the need of shortening / respect the Time-to-market, the final product, often, has a compromised solution to problems (based on software workaround, wherever components cannot perfectly integrate with each other), thus lowering the global product quality.